Hand-Work Paper-cutting, folding, pasting, paper mosaic, thread painting, vegetable printing, spray painting and a variety of other activities including painting on diyas for Diwali are some of the hand-work items taught to children.

Drawing Free hand drawing gives wings to children; often creating wildly imaginative figures and lovely colour combinations. It is a fun activity, which gives the children progressive motor skills and enhances finger usage.

Montessori Apparatus The school is well equipped with the Montessori apparatus, and trained teachers to teach all the exercises scientifically. The apparatus is of four kinds.

Apparatus for exercises of practical life;

Language Hindi and English are introduced to the children from the very beginning. At the Nursery stage, the child learns to recognize alphabets with the aid of Flash Cards and other teaching aids. Gradually the child is guided with the aid of sand-paper letters, word building boxes, quiz bags and pattern books to read the alphabet. Preparation for written work is done through sand-paper letters, pattern drawing, and handling objects requiring the use of small hand finger muscles. Rhymes and stories, a regular feature of the school day are useful in encriching the child's vocabulary.

Number Work A thorough grounding in 0-10 numbers is given with the aid of beads, numerical rods, counters, cards and spindle boxes. The decimal system is introduced using the bead bars and squares. Numbers from 10-99 are given with beads and the sequin boards. It is amazing how a child of 5 can pick up addition and subtraction with ease. Addition and subtraction boards are used to clarify these fundamental concepts. Number rhymes are a further aid in this endeavour. As an added incentive the children are provided with colourful and well illustrated little books to do their numbers..

General Knowledge Children learn concepts related to the Self, Environment, Home, City, Geography etc. through project work. They are encouraged to do their own research and then develop charts and models to explain their conceptual understanding.

Music & Rhymes Activities with rhymes and group singing take place daily. Children are encouraged to sing and dance to recorded cassettes in their own imaginative way and give full vent to their histrionic talent during fancy dress shows and drama.

Stories & Games The School has a library with plenty of books with bright and colourful illustrations. The stories are recited with the visual help of puppets, paper figures, flannel boards, masks and dramatization. The children are given free rein to act out the stories in their own way. Several games are available to the children and they can choose any activity from a host of jigsaw puzzles, building blocks and constructive household toys.. These help to develop observation power, muscular control, sense of colour, weight and shape.

Outdoor Activities The School provides a playground with swings, slides, see-saws and a sand pit for free play is also available. The teachers plan many organized outdoor games.

Dance The School provides Every student has opportunity to learn western and classical dance under the expert guidance of dance teachers.

Yoga : Angel School hosts weekly Yoga classes for the students. Flexibility of body and mental peace are some of the key benefits of regular yoga. Yoga is accepted worldwide as one of the most effective form of exercise to influence the mental control. Yoga is a compulsory activity at Angel School and there are no extra charges A qualified yoga trainer imparts basic yoga knowledge for the classes.