About Us

We are dedicated to fulfilling every child's educational and developmental needs in a safe and caring environment conducive to learning and teaching. We aim to create responsible, global citizens who show understanding, compassion and acceptance of the differences in the world. We strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choices and encouraged to contribute to our community.

Director's Message

Angel School has grown exceptionally rapidly over the last few years. We believe this is because more and more parents are recognising the value of an education based on standards of behaviour, discipline and academic achievement together with traditional moral values.

I'm sure you will agree that Angel School has something special to offer your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything further you require. We are always delighted to welcome parents into school for an informal tour or discussion.

Mr. Girish Joshi

Principal's Message

Angel School provides an environment to enable the children to grow in a free and creative atmosphere through a variety of planned activities that help to provide a balanced growth physically, mentally, intellectually and morally. It provides emotionally secure and supportive environment suitable for the learner to explore his potentials. The system of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, CCE, which is followed here, enhances the overall growth and development of the children.

Mrs. Harshwanti Joshi